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MeetingACGS Committee Meeting 110 - Auburn, Maine - October 2012
4.2 Government Agencies Summary Reports
4.2.1 NASA Engineering & Safety Center
TitleEngineering & Safety Center
PresenterNeil Dennehy
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AbstractThe NASA Engineering and Safety Center's (NESC) mission is to perform value-added independent testing, analysis, and assessments of the Agency’s high-risk projects to ensure safety and mission success. The NESC engages proactively to help NASA avoid future problems. In this short overview talk some recent technical activities of the NESC’s Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) Technical Discipline Team (TDT) will be highlighted. The NESC assessment to evaluate LIDAR relative navigation sensor data collected during recent Shuttle flight tests will be briefly described. The recent progress made in supporting the resolve/mitigate the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Attitude Observer Anomaly (AOA) will also be addressed. The status of NESC series of bi-monthly “Fundamentals of GN&C” webcasts sponsored by the NESC GN&C TDT will be described. Lastly, a few other areas where NESC is also providing GN&C engineering and technology support (e.g. the Commercial Crew Program) will be highlighted. Altogether this short technical ‘snapshot’ should provide some level of insight into where the NESC’s GN&C TDT is currently making technical contributions to NASA future. (The POC for questions or comments is:
Neil Dennehy, NASA GN&C Technical Fellow, 240-687-9077 (cell), 301-286-5696 (NASA GSFC office),

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