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MeetingACGS Committee Meeting 110 - Auburn, Maine - October 2012
9.2 Some Recent Developments in Guided Airdrop Capabilities
TitleSome Recent Developments in Guided Airdrop Capabilities
PresenterBobby Cohanim
AffiliationDraper Laboratory
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AbstractBobby Cohanim
Mission Design Group Leader
Guided Airdrop Software Sustainment Task Lead
Draper Laboratory

Draper Laboratory has a rich history in the development of GNC solutions for the Guided Airdrop Program. We have been working with the Army and Air Force in developing mission planning and new GNC capabilities for multiple guided payload weight classes. Some of the developments described in this presentation include terrain obstacle avoidance, windsharing, deconfliction, angle of incidence control, waypoint navigation, payload dropoff, and urban landings. All of these capabilities work to improve the accuracy and survivability of guided airdrop payloads for an array of possible mission scenarios. This presentation will describe general mission scenarios and give a brief overview of each capability.

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