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MeetingACGS Committee Meeting 110 - Auburn, Maine - October 2012
6.4 On the Flight Dynamics of Aeroelastic Vehicles
TitleOn the Flight Dynamics of Aeroelastic Vehicles
PresenterDavid Schmidt
AffiliationUniversity of Colorado (emeritus)
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AbstractThe presentation revisits a paper and presentation given in 1986 at the AIAA Atmospheric Flight Dynamics Conference, which was selected this year by the AFM Technical Committee as among the “most influential papers of the 1980’s.” The presenters of the selected papers were, furthermore, invited to revisit their topics in presentations given in two special sessions at this year’s AIAA AFM Conference in Minneapolis. This ACGSC presentation focuses on the significance of static and dynamic elastic deformations on the flight dynamics of aircraft, summarizes the equations of motion for elastic vehicles that were developed from first principles in the paper, and presents some modeling and analysis results for a large, flexible aircraft. The results reveal, for example, that the dynamic modes of the elastic vehicle expose the significant coupling between the rigid-body and elastic degrees of freedom, which lead to vehicle dynamic responses that are more complex than those for rigid vehicles.

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